School Zone Safety Quiz

No matter how your student gets to school – biking, walking, or riding in a car – we want them to arrive safely. We’ve created a visual quiz covering unsafe school-zone behavior. Not only is this a good quiz for both students and parents, but it’s great to take it together.

Once you think you’ve identified the dangerous behaviors in the first image, scroll down to see the answers.


Start the New School Year with a New School Commute

Walking, biking, skating, and scooting are great ways to get to school. An active commute to start the day sets students up for a safe, healthy, and on-time start for a successful new year of school.

Healthy Bodies & Healthy Communities

Most of us know that walking or biking to school provides great exercise for students by building strong bones and muscles and improving cardiovascular health. But the benefits of walking and biking also extend to the entire neighborhood and surrounding community.

Walks through the neighborhood give neighbors the chance to meet, greet and look out for each other. When neighbors see other families’ children walking to school, feelings of security can increase and create a snowball effect of more students walking together in groups (How to Form a Walking School Bus). Plus, with fewer cars on the road, air quality improves and traffic congestion lessens.

Safe & Healthy Habits

Studies are showing that children who are active on a regular basis tend to become active adults. Building a routine of walking or biking to school each day is one way to ingrain exercise as a normal, daily activity for a lifetime. (Your children will thank you for instilling exercise as a way of life when they’re older!)

Teach your children how to walk and bike safely. Plan – and practice – a safe route to and from school. Learning to navigate the environment is an important part of growing up, and walking to school builds independence, character, and decision making skills.

Many parents feel uneasy allowing students to walk for fear of kidnapping or attack. While actual statistics show these occurrences are extremely rare, it is important to talk with children about what to do in an emergency. Some parents feel safer walking with their children and also enjoy the benefits of exercise and shared quality time. Getting to know neighbors along the route also gives students plenty of support options between home and school, if needed.

Have a great 2018-19 school year, from Street Smarts Diablo.

Pittsburg HS: More of Railroad Ave Now Open for Walking to Campus

Click image to enlarge

Good news for Pittsburg High School students! Safer pedestrian access is now available on the East side of Railroad Avenue. Sidewalks have re-opened on the corner of California and Railroad at the “Kiss and Ride” area.

Additionally, the sidewalk on the east side of the overpass (at the entrance to the BART Park & Ride) is open. Students will be able to access the crosswalks and signal buttons.

Walking School Bus – How to Start Your Own

It’s back-to-school time! If you live within walking distance of your child’s school, you might consider forming a walking school bus.

A walking school bus can be as simple as two families taking turns walking their children to school. You can definitely go bigger, by including more parents and children, but it’s easiest to start with a small group of interested families.

For details on how to start your own walking school bus, read Street Smarts Diablo’s ‘how to’ guide.

Image: Active & Safe Routes to School