Schools Can Register for 2023’s International Walk & Roll to School Day

International Walk & Roll to School Day is October 4th, 2023 (or October 18th for schools with fall breaks). Walking, biking, skating, and scooting are great ways to get to school. An active commute sets students up for a healthy and on-time start for a successful school day.

Healthy Bodies & Healthy Communities

Most of us know that getting exercise by walking or biking to school improves the physical, social, and emotional health of students, but the benefits can extend to the entire neighborhood as well. When families walk, neighbors get to know each other and no longer feel like strangers. When people see other families’ children walking to school, perceptions of safety can increase which can lead to more parents allowing their own kids to walk. Plus, with fewer cars on the road, neighborhood air quality improves, and traffic congestion lessens.

Safe & Healthy Habits

Studies show that active children tend to become active adults. Building a daily routine of walking or biking to school is one way to ingrain exercise as a normal, everyday activity. (Your children will thank you for this healthy habit when they’re older!)

Teach your children how to walk and bike safely. Plan and practice using a safe route to school and talk with your kids about what to do in an emergency. Learning to navigate the environment is an important part of growing up, and walking to school builds independence, character, and good decision-making skills. Getting to know neighbors along the route also gives students plenty of support options between home and school, if needed. Some parents feel safer walking with their children (and also benefit from the exercise and shared quality time). Team up with neighbors and learn how to form a Walking School Bus.

International Walk and Roll to School Day Is in October

Schools can host a Walk and Roll to School event this October, on October 4th (or October 18th for schools with fall breaks), or on another day of their choosing. Street Smarts Diablo will provide free promotional materials and participation prizes for schools that register by Sept 15th. Click the button below or send questions to

Back-to-School Safety Reminders

This year, try walking or biking to school. It’s a great way to get daily exercise, lets you avoid traffic, and saves you gas money… plus, it’s a lot of fun. Before the first day of school, practice walking or biking to school with your student. If you’re walking, choose a route with sidewalks and demonstrate how to cross safely. If biking, wear a helmet and always ride with the flow of traffic on the right side of the road. Whether biking or walking, remind students to stay aware of their surroundings and avoid distractions by keeping phones in backpacks.

If driving, DO follow your school’s drop-off/pick-up rules, stay alert for cyclists and pedestrians, and obey school zone speed limits. DON’T block sidewalks, park in red zones, or make U-turns near campus. We all play a part in school zone safety!