Middle School

Grades 6-8: Flatland BMX Stunt Show

Starring professional BMX Flatland rider Pete Brandt, Street Smarts hosts a spectacular 30-minute BMX stunt show interspersed with Safe Biking messages. This show takes place on flat blacktop or inside a gym in the event of rain. Many schools reserve this program as an annual 6th grade assembly.


Bike Safety Highlights

  • Ride on the right side of the road, with the flow of traffic.
  • Make eye contact with other drivers before crossing intersections or driveways.
  • Be visible: wear bright, reflective clothing and use bike lights.
  • Be predictable: drive your bike according to traffic laws.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • ABCs of bicycling.

Free Helmets for Bike to School Challenge Day

Schools are encouraged to capture the enthusiasm that Pete inspires in motivating students to try biking to school. Street Smarts will help coordinate a fun, easy to organize, and successful Bike to School Day event during the same week as the Stunt Show. Students who bike, skateboard or ride scooters will receive free helmets and other participation prizes. Bike to School Day does not require class time; all activities take place near the bike racks, before or after school.


Watch Flatland BMX star and helmet-enthusiast Pete Brandt in action.