Middle School Blender Bike Event

Zero-Emission Power

Using nothing by healthy pedal-power to create tasty lemonade slushies demonstrates how green energy can be used for transportation – and the fight against climate change.

One-Hour Welcome Station Ends at First-Period Bell

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  • Free bike helmets
  • Online safety quiz with gift card prizes
  • Blender bikes and free lemonade slushies
  • Participation rewards such as pencils and wrist bands
  • Promotional graphics to advertise biking and walking to school on event day
  • Leadership Class involvement is welcome

Bike Safety Checklist

Make sure you’re ready to roll safely on Bike to School Day.

Bike Safety Checklist for Kids >
Bike Safety Checklist for Parents >

Why Bike?

  • It’s fun.
  • It’s healthy.
  • It reduces traffic.
  • It’s pollution-free.
  • It builds character, confidence, self-reliance and resourcefulness!

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