High School

Grades 9-12: Road Ready

Street Smarts’ Road Ready program provides a valuable opportunity for newly licensed (and soon-to-be licensed) teenage drivers to receive critical education that will keep them safe while behind the wheel of a car – or behind the handlebars of a bicycle. Students must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian.


California Highway Patrol

Featuring the CHP’s Start Smart presentation, the Road Ready program educates teens and their parents on common high-risk behaviors of new motorists and how to prevent distracted driving. The event not only helps new drivers stay safe behind the wheel, it also explains the Rules of the Road regarding cyclists and presents strategies to help keep vulnerable road users, like pedestrians and cyclists, safe as well.

Insurance Discounts

Teen drivers who complete this program may be eligible for a 5-10% Start Smart Discount from participating insurance companies

Support Materials

Street Smarts Diablo makes hosting the two-hour Start Smart presentation easy for schools. We provide:

  • Outreach flyers
  • Newsletter & website articles
  • Robo-call scripts
  • Free online registration via Eventbrite
  • Door prizes as attendance incentives
  • Optional lunchtime promotional event during school hours