High School

CHP Start Smart & Road Ready

The California Highway Patrol’s Start Smart presentation and Street Smarts Diablo’s Road Ready program educate teens and their parents on common high-risk behaviors, how to prevent distracted driving, and the rules of the road regarding cyclists and pedestrians. Students must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian.

  • No cost for schools
  • Free for students & parents
  • 2-hour evening presentation in your MUR
  • Insurance discounts may be available for participants
  • Outreach materials provided by Street Smarts Diablo
  • Free online registration


Short Video Contest

Street Smarts Diablo can provide prizes and organizational support.

  • Videos can promote biking, walking, carpooling or the use of public transportation and should highlight the environmental, health and/or economic benefits of choosing those modes.
  • Videos can provide bicycle and/or pedestrian safety messages, such as don’t walk and text, wear a helmet, follow the rules of the road, etc.

Walk & Roll to

Street Smarts Diablo brings bike blenders for students to make pedal-powered slushies.

  • Free helmets
  • Raffle prizes
  • Participation incentives
  • Promotional materials
  • Safety information

All events can be tailored to suit class projects or school-wide health, exercise or environmental campaigns. Class or Club involvement is encouraged.

Street Smarts Diablo can invite city leadership and law enforcement partners to attend.

Carpool & Transit

Let Street Smarts Diablo host a Carpool and/or Transit Challenge to reduce traffic and educate students and staff about the benefits of public transportation and ridesharing. Flexible planning with student leaders is welcome with all programs.

Walk Audits

Walk Audits of school neighborhoods can help identify barriers to walking and biking to school. Street Smarts Diablo can coordinate a student led walk audit with city planners and traffic engineers.

This process is a good introduction to careers in engineering, traffic design and city planning.

Project Sponsorship

Street Smarts Diablo can provide flexible support to work with an environmental, health, or science class (or club) to sponsor projects of their design that support clean air transportation.

Contact us for more information.